Scarborough Castle

Built originally as a wooden fortress by William le Gros (grand nephew of William the Conqueror) in 1130’s, Scarborough Castle still stands only now as a tourist attraction sitting on a rocky promontory overlooking the North Sea. The stone castle we see today was built in 1150’s my Henry II who is said to have destroyed the wooden fortification before creating his own version of a fortress.

The siege in 1645 saw the collapse of the Western wall which was caused by the largest cannon in the country at the time – the Cannon Royal. Many visitors are disappointed to see the castle in such condition but struggle to understand that it’s what makes it such a popular attraction. The damage showcases the history and opens up stories about what happened through the years during the reign of the many monarchs.

The castle itself sits on a 16 acre site encompassing over 3,000 years worth of history with finds dating back to 900-500BC. A Roman Signal Station, Chamber Block, Cistern, Barrack Block and a Master Gunners House sit prominently on the headland contributing to the vast history of the site and town as a whole.


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