University Life

I suppose i could be a cliche and say that university was both the best and the worst time of my life…which kind of reminds me of the relentless task of ironing. I hate doing my ironing but there’s a great sense of relief knowing i have clean, tidy, straight clothing on my hangers.

Several areas have been categorised as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, the city has previously shared its status as the European Capital of Culture alongside Norway…and of course there’s the famous scouse stew. Why wouldn’t you love Liverpool?

I spent 3 years of my life studying for a degree in Tourism and Business to find myself drained of all energy and enthusiasm in an office job. I guess i can’t complain. I mean, I have a job that’s relevant to my degree…right?

Despite the position i’m in now, it’s great to reminisce about my time in Liverpool and remember the inspiring, interesting and strange people i met along the way. The sights, of course, showcase the history of the city but also exude class and true modernism with it’s continued development. Liverpool is vast to say the least and i’d be lying if i told you i’d seen it all, but I can at least appreciate my time spent there through the images and memories captured.


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