Cigarettes and me

At 24 years of age, picking up a smoking habit shouldn’t be the highlight of my youth. A beer and a cigarette are one of a handful of things i enjoy and look forward to, as the picture depicts. The smell, the look and the feeling fell short of the enjoyment until recently when i decided to throw an attempt at quitting. This is my story so far…

When i reached the age where i could drink alcohol and hit the clubs with friends, anything seemed possible. Cigarettes seemed to be the ‘in’ thing. People were constantly wondering off outside into the cold for “fresh air”. Smoking surely can’t be worth the looming presence of hypothermia? My opinion, of course, soon changed. A year or so later i was that guy. Even at work i was able to take fag breaks whenever i was able which increased the amount i was smoking each day. Soon i was up to roughly 12 a day.

My friends smoked, my mother smoked, my colleagues smoked. This didn’t bother me for a long time until recently. After graduating and finding work, people didn’t approve of the smoking anymore. They weren’t shy in telling me that it was a disgusting habit and it stunk. I figured i just fell into a group of colleagues that were against anything other than healthy eating and exercise – not me in the slightest.

Moving onto other work, i found the same problem. Colleagues could smell the smoke and disapproved. I was struggling to enjoy the habit as much as i once did. Was i starting to grow out of it?

Now I’ve decided to give up the filthy habit…well, i say give up. I’ve decided to limit myself to smoking only when i’m having a drink (which is not often just to clarify). I can’t deprive myself of all happiness, can I?

It’s been a couple of weeks. I’ve had the occasional cigarette with a drink but nothing more. I no longer feel the urge to have a smoke after breakfast or before i get into the office. I feel somewhat healthier already and i don’t smell of smoke! I fully intend to stick at this routine. Maybe now people will look at me differently. Maybe people will actually approach me and communicate with me as opposed to judging me through what i have in my hand. Maybe i’ll cure cancer. Maybe i’ll find the remedy for world peace. I guess we’ll see.


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  1. Thanks for posting this!


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