Finding the motivation

Today i took a picture. It’s not a very good picture, but it’s also not a very bad picture. Today i took a picture.

I’ve been struggling recently to try and find the motivation to go out with my mediocre camera and snap some images. I don’t really know how to work my camera or utilise it to its full potential. This is one the drawbacks.

Another drawback is that i don’t like walking around with a camera in my bag. Every time i do take it with me i rarely use it, and when i do the pictures are terrible and pointless. I’m starting to think i have lost my love for photography.

Maybe i should motivate myself to go for a walk…when the weather’s nice. Maybe i’ll even go a step further and visit some place i’ve never visited before…if i have the money. Maybe i’ll take a walk down to the beach and take a picture of the slow-moving ocean…if i can be bothered.

I guess we’ll see.


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