I guess you could say I’m shy. An introvert in some sense of the word. I do, however, enjoy the occasional outing and social event which encourage me to take photographs with the potential of capturing something beautiful, memorable or interesting.

I became interested in photography a few years ago when I was given a digital camera for my birthday. There was nothing special about this camera – interesting macro settings, OK quality and a somewhat basic aesthetic…but it was mine.

A couple of years on I purchased a Nikon D5100 DSLR. I must admit I still don’t understand the camera as much as I’d like but when I manage to get what I think is an appropriate setting applied, it takes a reasonable picture. I continue to use this camera and I feel I’m comfortable enough to display some of the images to all you readers. Yes, the images aren’t great, but I want to share my memories with you and the stories behind the lens.