The daily struggles of life.

It’s not uncommon in Barrowcliff to see dirty mattresses scattered on the streets, toddlers smoking and youths burning bins to the ‘banging tunes’ of the early 2000s. Hot summer days shed light on the perplexed residents of Oxcliff as some head to work while others head to another dimension using the stimuli of drugs and alcohol. I often wish I could join those that have decided to live their days by sitting in a garden drinking 2 litre bottles of Strongbow in a cloud of smoke that could be made up of…anything, but my commitments to the modern life I have succumbed to.

Today I sit in an office typing words on a document. It’s 22 degrees outside in the beautiful seaside town of Scarborough, filled with tourists and locals alike who emphatically pour to the beaches to burn as hot as last night’s lager in my swollen stomach. I wonder what would happen if I were to leave this sad office and take a walk between the crowds of screaming children and lazy parents. I shouldn’t judge. I was once one of those children and will one day become one of those parents.

I have exactly 6 rice cakes to my left sitting next to a half empty bottle of water that has taken me 4 and a bit hours to drink. It’s warm now. I can’t decide if I’m hot or cold so why am I wearing a fleece? I should probably find something to occupy my time at this desk before normality hits me like a sack of shit tomorrow morning when the bank holiday is finally over. Enjoy the sunshine Barrowcliff. Enjoy the sunshine tourists and residents. Enjoy indecision, hangover depression and a rotten stomach Vanessa.